Progress, Not Perfection

In the past, and still to this day I can be really hard on myself for no reason. This month I have been expecting perfection, which is an absolutely unhealthy state of mind to constantly live in. Instead of looking for progress I’ve caught myself looking for flaws in myself.

Someone once told me that perfection is an illusion and those who seek it will find themselves unfulfilled their whole lives. I remembered that and realized how important it is to celebrate the baby steps in life.

I’ve learned to strive for progress and not perfection. Why? Because things don’t happen over night sis. They just don’t. If you struggle with patience like I do then you understand the frustration that comes along with the lack of it. I’m slowly learning to accept that I can’t be good at everything in life and that all of my goals and dreams are going to take a lot of hard work, consistency, and commitment. It’s about effort. When you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens.

It might feel like you aren’t making any progress but trust me, you are. One of these days, you’ll look up and realize that you have completely transformed. Everyday I am becoming a better version of myself. I am becoming a stronger version of myself and a more confident version of myself. I believe that everyone is allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.

For me – I feel like there is no need to be perfect to inspire others. Instead, I plan to let people get inspired by how I deal with my imperfections. I hope you will all strive to do the same. Remember that humans by nature are not perfect and imperfections are what make the world a beautiful place.

You were born to be real. Not to be perfect.


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