Taking Time To Live a Little

It feels like everyone and their mother has been all up in my business lately. It’s hard to attempt to explain myself over and over to people who care about me, but simply don’t understand me at this point in my life. I’ve caught myself acting very defensive when I’m asked about my career, finances, relationship status, and future goals lately. I think this has to a lot to do with feeling like they aren’t “the norm.”

I’m only twenty two years old. I don’t have that stuff figured out yet to be honest with you all. And honestly if you’re my age and you do – that’s great. We are all on different paths.

This is the first time in my life that I feel truly happy. There isn’t any stress in my life because I’ve finally learned how to enjoy the little things and escape the negativity that has surrounded me in the past. I’ve found my true love and that is traveling. I’ve realized that I don’t want to settle down right now, and that’s that. I want to travel across the world and breathe the air of new places.

I’ve let too many people make decisions for me in my life. But now they are all mine to make and I am choosing to put my mind, body, and soul before a career or relationship at this point. I am being selfish and I am figuring myself out. I am taking things slowly and enjoying living in the present moment without regret from my past or worry about my future.

It’s easy to feel like your life is being judged, especially when you put it out there online. I have to constantly remind myself that going after an A+ life in a world that operates at a C level is nothing to feel bad about.


You do not need to explain yourself to everyone and their mother. You just need to own your life and stand confidently in what you’re doing, who you are, and where you are in this journey. At the end of the day, you need to surround yourself with people who will help you live the A+ life you want rather than those who will try to pull you back to the average C lifestyle.

From now on, when someone asks me what I am doing with my life I am just going to say… I’m taking the time I need to live a little.


6 thoughts on “Taking Time To Live a Little

  1. I really needed to read this. It sometimes feels like I should have figured life out by now and that I am doing things just to please others. But at the end of the day, I just need to make myself happy and not care what others think.

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