How I Re-Gained Confidence With My Business

I was really hesitant to start my own networking business, but now I only wish I would have started earlier. Arbonne has given me so many reasons to love my life and myself and no matter how much money I ever make or where this business takes me I will forever be grateful for just that. I needed a confidence boost about two months ago and I do not regret my decision to get out of my comfort zone and do this. I was nervous, but I knew that I needed a change in my life and I was hoping to grow as a person.

This business has reintroduced me to old friends I drifted apart from after high school who are now my future bridesmaids. It’s given me a bond with my mom by doing the cleanse together, which has made us feel amazing every day both physically and mentally. I feel beyond grateful to live my life, and some of you may know that I have struggled with anxiety and depression with the feeling of wanting to end my life in the past, so this is huge for me.

Let me just dive into the three main reasons why I love having my own business so much.

  1. Being in control of something is a huge confidence boost, and when you own your own business you are the boss and literally anything you say goes. There is nobody telling you what to do, which is freedom to my ears.
  2. You get to build something from the ground up and teach others to do the same. Each sale is so exciting because you are helping others get healthy and fulfill their dreams.
  3. You get a lifestyle of time freedom, which again makes you feel in control and allows you to work whenever you want and wherever you want. When you love your job you feel like you don’t work a day in your life. That’s how I feel about this business!

If you have been wanting to join Arbonne this month is your month! All October long is free sign up month with a qualifying order, so message me today to get your business up and running!

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