Let’s Talk Self Care

Hi guys! I’m super excited to share my new self care routine that I started after getting a full time job. It’s totally changed my life and I have been getting the most positive feedback about my overall attitude lately! The products and techniques I mention are something I use and do every single day. I’ve found that I am not a traditional person – but sticking to a routine for my self care is absolutely necessary.

Morning Routine

Every morning I wake up I chug a glass of water while I swallow my anxiety and ADHD pills for the day. I keep water on my nightstand at all times to stay hydrated so that I don’t have to get up during the night. After that I take out my journal or phone and write down at least 5 things I am grateful for that day before I scroll through social media for a bit. I usually end up looking through Pinterest to get inspired for the day. After scrolling I get up and take a shower and use a great vegan skin care routine. I also will do a natural makeup routine and then head to the kitchen to start off my day with some healthy supplements and a protein shake.

My Breakfast

I use unsweetened almond milk with Arbonne’s vanilla protein powder. I mix in a packet of digestion plus and a scoop of greens balance to get my daily fruits and veggie serving. I usually drink this on my way to work while I listen to an uplifting podcast, usually by Rachel Hollis or Jenna Kutcher, and it gives me a ton of healthy energy. The podcasts honestly set the tone for the day and I highly recommend listening to one every morning to get in the right mindset. When I get to work I always make a fizz stick and mix it with my healthy skin elixir, which does wonders. The fizz gives me all the energy I need to make it through the day and perform my best.

Night Routine

My night routine generally isn’t the same every day like my morning routine. Depending on how I feel I will sometimes head to the gym and get a workout in while I scroll through social media. Lately, I have been reading books or watching Netflix and YouTube as a way to relax and unwind. I always have a non-toxic candle lit or my essential oils being diffused. I’ve been drinking Arbonne’s decaffeinated detox tea every night because it helps detox your liver, relax you, and tastes good.

Besides those few things, I have been keeping up with a vegan skin care routine from Arbonne every single night and add in a face and hair mask twice a week. I try to message my friends and ask them about their day and tell them about things I have accomplished. I just find that keeping up with friends and giving positive updates puts me in a great mood for a good nights sleep with motivation to wake up again the next day and kill it. That’s it guys, thanks for reading!


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