Self Reflecting & Moving Forward From a Setback

How to Make the Most of Every Experience

Ever thought about why some people succeed and others often don’t? I can tell your right now that it has everything to do with the mental skill set of self reflection. Those who struggle simply do not take the time to reflect on each and every life experience and setback. Instead of reflecting and moving forward, people often give up and play the victim card. They dig their own grave filled with shame, guilt, and excuses.

The main takeaway from this blog post is simply: don’t ever be the person to say “this is just how I am” because that is complete bullshit.

Why You Should Make Time For Self Reflection

When is the last time you took a moment to reflect on your life? Do you reflect about once a year, let’s say around December? Or do you self reflect on a daily basis? For myself, I make time to self reflect at least every single Sunday before a new week begins. You should make time each week to make sense of things, uncover breakthroughs, challenge your thoughts, recognize, change, track progress, increase self awareness, and live with more intention.

How to Self Reflect & Move Forward

  • Take something valuable away from your failures, mistakes, and experiences
  • Clarify your values, priorities, and strengths
  • Release the emotional attachment you have to people, things, or even events
  • Remove whatever it is that is stopping you from achieving your goals
  • Expand your perspective and understanding of people and situations
  • Learn to better spot issues and opportunities in advance
  • Respond calmly to challenges that arise
  • Have open and honest communication with your family, friend, partner, co-worker, boss, etc.

So in order to succeed, be able to make adjustments in how you think and interact with the universe. You have to be open to asking yourself insightful questions and changing your mindset and perspective about things, but you also have to stay positive and reflect on what you are great at as well. That in turn creates a healthy balance of growth all around. If you can do just that then you will go far in life and people will genuinely respect and admire you. Expand your comfort zone beyond what feels normal and natural because self reflection will allow you to take full responsibility of yourself and create the life that you seek.


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