Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Welcome back to my blog!

I can’t believe we are in the holiday season already and I didn’t get this post out sooner! Everyone is shopping for gifts already and I have to share these products before time runs out.

I am a sucker for sentimental gifts. But in all honesty, I think those are great for other occasions, but for Christmas I want all the goods. Here are some products/ideas I recommend gifting to your loved ones this year!

For Your Girlfriend, Sister, Mom, Cousin, Aunt, Friend…

Think about what they use daily and gift them something non-toxic. I highly recommend if you are on a low budget to grab a mascara and some tea! If you have a higher budget I suggest a cruelty free eye shadow palette and some brad new vegan makeup brushes. Gifting something pure, safe, and beneficial is honestly a win win win.

Other items I recommend for the ladies are lotions, candles, essential oils, books, fuzzy socks, a robe, a Polaroid camera, or cute coffee/tea mugs!

Here are some of my favorite books:

You could also grab a gift certificate at a nail salon or spa or book a one night stay somewhere romantic if you don’t want to gift an actual product!

For Your Boyfriend, Brother, Dad, Cousin, Uncle, Friend…

Guys are kind of simple but it really depends on their personality for this one. There are a few universal things I think guys would like. Arbonne has an awesome men’s holiday set that you can’t go wrong with. Other gifts I would recommend are hoodies, shoes, hats, or even a nice watch.

I am so excited for Christmas and I hope you all get everything you wish for and make your loved ones happy with your gifts!


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