People Are Replaceable & You’ll Be Rejected

I’m sure you’ve lost a best friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend and I am here to tell you, people are replaceable. That’s right. You are replaceable and that is the cold hard truth. I would know, because I have been replaced many times and have had to in turn do some replacing myself. It’s not fun, but it is life.

Lately, I’ve lost a few people from my life out of my control. They just decided to up and leave our friendship/relationship and I had to figure out how I was going to replace them like they replaced me. It hurt a lot and I cried for days each time I was rejected by someone and taken out of their lives. But here’s what I’ve learned…

Everything happens for a reason. So think logically or at least try to the next time you are rejected or replaced. Whether it be in the work place or in a personal relationship. You can find a new job, a new significant other, a new best friend. You can and you will.

Rejection doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. In fact, I’ve always bounced back better from it. In my experiences, most of the time I was rejected I was able to put my heart eyes aside and see who I was truly dealing with. In most of my cases, the person I was seeing was putting up a front the entire time I’ve known them. It truly hurts to see someone you loved show their true colors. Therefore to be completely honest, I’ve found that if someone does you wrong it’s best if you turn the rejection into hatred and just work on yourself. The worst form of karma is simply doing better without that person and showing up for yourself daily.

Bottom line is, not everyone is going to tell you the truth and some people are going to freaking shock the sh*t out of you. They will straight get up and leave, and with having social media they might unfollow you or even worse block you. Let it go, move on. Don’t ever let one person determine your worth when you have thousands surrounding you. Shake it off and try not to give a sh*t as much as possible.

A lot of people would rather replace someone then work on fixing the relationship, which is a shame. No matter how awesome you are, you can always be replaced. But you can always get up and get back at it because you know deep down that person wasn’t for you and someone better will come along.

At this point, people have thrown a ton of crap at me and I could write a book about it. I mean I could spill a lot of tea, drop a ton of names, and make this a pretty damn entertaining blog post, but I don’t see myself benefiting from that. However, if you need a laugh feel free to contact me for some pretty funny stories. If you think you have been rejected, come talk to me and I can guarantee you’ll feel a lot better.


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